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February 23, 2018

Kill The Music’s “Unsigned Spotlight” featuring: What We Lost

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Check out Italy’s melodic hardcore quintet What We Lost as they step into Kill The Music’s “Unsigned Spotlight.”


Along with the insightful interview, you can also watch the band’s latest music video for their lead single ‘Beds.’


January 22, 2018

Kill The Music “Unsigned Spotlight”: Prospective

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Italy’s metalcore quintet Prospective have made their way to the “Unsigned Spotlight” over at Kill The Music. Check out the interview and get to know the guys as they talk about how they prep for shows and their love for …

January 15, 2018

Kill The Music “Unsigned Spotlight”: Reach The Shore

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Get to know Belgium’s progressive-metalcore quintet Reach The Shore as they step into the “Unsigned Spotlight” over at Kill The Music. The guys talk about their inspirations and influences and how the band came together:


November 20, 2017

Kill The Music ‘Unsigned Spotlight’: One Flew West

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Denver’s Pop-punk quartet One Flew West catch up with Kill The Music for an ‘Unsigned Spotlight’ interview! The guys talk about how One Flew West formed and give us an insight of the band’s career so far. Head over to …