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March 22, 2018

Track-by-track of Upside Down’s “Scars Are Forever”

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Spain’s pop-punk rockers Upside Down shared some personal details about their latest album “Scars Are Forever.” Check out their track-by-track with New Noise Magazine:



March 9, 2018

All Punked Up Featuring Upside Down

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Spain’s pop-punk outfit Upside Down sat down to chat with All Punked Up about their debut album “Scars Are Forever” and their sound. Click below and check out the full interview:


February 14, 2018

Unsigned Spotlight Featuring: Upside Down

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Get to know the pop-punk quartet Upside Down as they catch up with Kill The Music. The guys talk about some of their inspirations and give us an insight on their debut album “Scars Are Forever”: