AntiMusic ‘Singles Out’ Life Awaits’ new single “Blind Belief”

posted: Nov 07 2019

Life Awaits dig into the story behind their latest single “Blind Belief”.

Head over to AntiMusic for the full feature, HERE. Fluorescent’ is out November 29th, via Famined Records.

Distrolution interviews Michigan post-hardcore crew, City State

posted: Nov 05 2019

Distrolution spoke to Michigan post-hardcore outfit City State, to discuss the band’s debut LP, ‘Equinox’.

The album is out now on Famined Records.

Read the full interview HERE.

Loudwire adds new singles from Calmgrove & Hunter deBlanc to it’s Weekly Wire

posted: Nov 01 2019

New singles from Calmgrove and Hunter deBlanc have been added to Loudwire‘s Weekly Wire on Spotify!

Spin “Sound Asleep” and “That’s Not Me” alongside the biggest new songs in rock, HERE.

New Fury Media adds Calmgrove and Life Awaits to #TNFDiscover on Spotify

posted: Oct 31 2019

New Fury Media has you covered for the best new music from across the rock landscape.

New singles from Life Awaits and Calmgrove have been added to #TNFDiscover on Spotify.

Spin the playlist HERE.

Taller Tales talks Kill The Music through ‘Kalorama’ track-by-track

posted: Oct 29 2019

Taller Tales‘ debut EP, ‘Kalorama’ is out now on rad.pop.

The band takes you behind the new record, track-by-track courtesy of Kill The Music.

Check out the full feature HERE.

Love Like Fiction talks Dying Scene through debut EP, track-by-track

posted: Oct 28 2019

Love Like Fiction takes you behind their debut EP ‘Sounds of City Streets’, track-by-track, exclusively via Dying Scene.

Read the full feature HERE.

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