Spotify “The Scene” playlist featuring: One Flew West and Rival Town

posted: Nov 22 2017

One Flew West’s ‘Trial and Error’ and Rival Town’s ‘Colder’ are both available for streaming on Spotify’s “The Scene” playlist along with ‘In Bloom’ by Neck Deep and ‘HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T’ by Fall Out Boy and much more! Don’t miss out:



New “The Roman Show” podcast featuring: A War Within

posted: Nov 21 2017

Check out the new The Roman Show podcast featuring A War Within. Frontman Spencer discusses the reactions of their newest single “Where The Lines Are Drawn” and the story behind it. Head over to The Roman Show website now to listen to the full interview:



Innerstrength Records welcome Acadia

posted: Nov 21 2017

Congratulations to Portland, Maine’s alternative/indie quintet Acadia on signing with Innerstrength Records for the release of their debut album “All Heart.” Be sure to give the guys a shout out via facebook:



Exclusive Interview: Broken Arrow Magazine with One For The Braves

posted: Nov 21 2017

In case you missed it: Broken Arrow Magazine sat down with frontman Radam (Adam) Rebillard of One For The Braves for an exclusive Interview. Rebillard talks about the pop-punk quintet’s latest EP “Does Anyone Honestly Care” and growing their audience. Head over to the Broken Arrow Magazine website for the full interview:



Kill The Music ‘Unsigned Spotlight': One Flew West

posted: Nov 20 2017

Denver’s Pop-punk quartet One Flew West catch up with Kill The Music for an ‘Unsigned Spotlight’ interview! The guys talk about how One Flew West formed and give us an insight of the band’s career so far. Head over to the Kill The Music website to read the full interview:



Track by track: Common Grounds “No Sleep”

posted: Nov 17 2017

LA pop-punks Common Grounds spoke exclusively to Infectious Magazine, running them through their latest EP ‘No Sleep,’ track-by-track. Head over to the Infectious Magazine Website to check it out:



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