AltPress Discover Playlist featuring: At Face Value’s “Cinderella” & Acadia’s “Callisto”

posted: Feb 22 2018

Alternative Press have added At Face Value’s “Cinderella” and Acadia’s “Callisto” to their AltPress Discover playlist over on Spotify.


Check it out along with some of our other favorite artists including One Flew West, One For The Braves, SECRETS and much more:



Track by Track of Reach The Shore’s “Hikaya”

posted: Feb 19 2018

If you haven’t checked out Reach The Shore’s conceptual “Hikaya,” you can stream the full EP over at AntiHero Magazine. Join the Belgium rockers on their journey as they tell a story of a girl, Nilaya, and her experiences through a purification process:



NEW SONG PREMIERE: Prospective “Only You”

posted: Feb 16 2018

Italy’s progressive metalcore outfit Prospective have dropped their newest track “Only You” taken from the band’s album ‘Unreal’ due to be released March 9th.


These new lyrics reflect on today’s society and encourages everyone to move forward towards a better future. You can check out these new tunes over at New Noise Magazine:



Interview: One For The Braves Catch Up with Spinning Thoughts

posted: Feb 15 2018

New York’s pop-punk quintet One For The Braves caught up with Spinning Thoughts to talk about their latest EP “Does Anybody Honestly Care” and their plans for 2018:



Unsigned Spotlight Featuring: Upside Down

posted: Feb 14 2018

Get to know the pop-punk quartet Upside Down as they catch up with Kill The Music. The guys talk about some of their inspirations and give us an insight on their debut album “Scars Are Forever”:



Reach The Shore Premiering New Music Video ‘Saddhu’

posted: Feb 14 2018

“‘Saddhu’ is taken from our new album called Hikaya, which means story/fable in Arabic. It’s a conceptual album following a girl through her purification process…”


You can follow Reach The Shore’s journey with their latest album “Hikaya” by checking out their brand new music video ‘Saddhu’ exclusively at New Noise Magazine:



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